Pawn Shop In Malaysia

The world of pawnbroking has a rich history, which is based on the principle of lending money to people who offer portable collaterals such as jewellery, or other valuable items.

In Malaysia, pawnbrokers serve a wide variety of people from all walks of life. Operating on the principles of integrity and trust, it started as a touchpoint for members of society who require financial help. As the industry grew, many pawnbroking companies surfaced and became established; but Well Chip remains one of the biggest names known to everyone.

Acting as a support for people to turn to in times of need or crisis, Well Chip offers a pawnbroking service that gives you assurance and peace of mind, allowing you to receive hassle-free instant cash loans, with no credit checks required.

Collaterals we accept at our pawnshops include

It’s easy to engage our pawnbroking services

Turn your jewellery, timepieces, or any luxury item into cash instantly.

Simply present your items for valuation at any Well Chip branch, and receive the guaranteed highest value possible for your precious items. Your pledged articles will be kept safe with us, and in their original condition, throughout a renewable six-month contract.

To add to your convenience, we offer a remote renewal service, where you can renew your pawn tickets at any Well Chip branch.

Our services are aligned with the values of integrity, compassion, and a constant principle of cooperation with you, to make sure that your needs are fulfilled to the best of our capabilities.

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